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Sig.ago,, the Sphammy City. (Also known as Chicago; see Net.names.)

This rough-and-ready burg is home to the second-largest concentration of net.heroes after Net.ropolis. In a sense, it's Net.ropolis's conceptual opposite, Midwestern where Net.ropolis is usually coastal, gritty where Net.ropolis is largely bright, aligned with the NTB over the LNH, etc.


Sig.ago hosted the gathering of trenchcoaters who assembled to fight the Universal Office, which led to the Office temporarily swallowing up the entire city. Later, it became the headquarters of Dvandom Force, until fear of property damage from escalating battles forced them to move outside the metro area.

It may or may not have been destroyed at one point (see The Team and Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 2 #24), but it's definitely there now.

Known Denizens