Unlikely Aliens (series)

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Unlikely Aliens is a Classic LNH series by Scott Johnson, featuring the titular team of bizarre beings brought together from other worlds into the Looniverse. It used many RPG-inspired elements, with each of the Aliens coming from a different kind of RPG-type world.

It crossed over with both Retcon Hour and Crimes of the Brotherhood.

It can be read on the Eyrie Archive here.


Unlikely Aliens was not one of the most acclaimed or awarded series of the 1994-1995 period it came out, mainly because that period was just so dense with good LNH writing, holy crap. But its influence trickled down thru later writers. The portrayal of Manga Man in the Crimes of the Brotherhood crossover inspired Drew Nilium's revamp of the character in the Just Imagine cycle. It was also a loose conceptual inspiration for Post-Metal Doomcore.

It was homaged (along with numerous other series) in Digital JUMP! Special #1.