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Wolfenblitz is a ex-villain created by Abhay Khosla.
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Abhay Khosla
Status: Retired ex-villain, former partner of Psycho-Pawn
Usability: Reserved


Wolfenblitz was a normal dog who was transformed into a fairly intelligent half-human by Rogue Canadian Scientists. Later, having become a villain, he teamed up with Psycho-Pawn. A newcomer to the villain community of Net.ropolis, Wolfenblitz having decided to steal a series of paintings he found very relevant to his situation. There, they were caught in the act by Loopy, Marcy, and Mojodog. While Psycho-Pawn got punched out fairly quickly by Marcy, Mojodog and Wolfenblitz talked, at which point Wolfenblitz realized he wanted to quit the life of villainy. Wolfenblitz became somewhat-friends with the heroes.


Wolfenblitz, who became a villain to strike back at the world for making him half-human rather than leaving him as a dog, resolved those problems and has retired from being a villain. He still has friends in the community though. Wolfenblitz is opinionated and has some personal conflicts he wants to resolve, uses words like 'bud' and 'flaming' a lot, and is trying to go straight.

Powers and Abilities

None, other than being a dog-man.


Wolfenblitz is a dog-made-man. He's hairy as all heck as a result of it, kind of like Michael J. Fox after he Wolfed Out. Wears fairly blue collarish clothes on top now that he's retired. Before that, he had a costume, a fairly embarrassing one that he now eschews. He dislikes clothing and its foul "people taint" but wears it so he doesn't get arrested.

Special Notes

Refugees of Net.ropolis has been removed from the archives, so the adventures of Wolfenblitz cannot currently be accessed anywhere online. Therefore, the above information is necessarily incomplete.