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Psycho-Pawn is a net.villain created by Abhay Khosla.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Abhay Khosla
Status: Active net.villain, former partner of Wolfenblitz
Usability: Reserved


Psycho-Pawn, a newcomer to the villain community of Net.ropolis, teamed up with Wolfenblitz to steal a series of paintings. During this attempt, they were caught in the act by Loopy, Marcy, and Mojodog. While Psycho-Pawn got punched out fairly quickly by Marcy, Mojodog and Wolfenblitz talked, at which point Wolfenblitz realized he wanted to quit the life of a villain. Psycho-Pawn was arrested by King Quake, who interviewed him. The interview proved too much for King Quake, who then had a few drinks with Psycho-Pawn; the two of them became friends. Psycho-Pawn also made friends with Grumb, and assisted in the fight with Phantolord. He still is very much a villain, but his hero friends are comfortable with the situation.


Psycho-Pawn is a villain who, in all likelihood, will never amount to much in the villain business. He knows it, too. Psycho-Pawn is dedicated to the idea of becoming an archvillain despite the retirement of his former partner Wolfenblitz. Psycho-Pawn is a bit on the odd side, very eccentric, and chose his slightly dumb name because he feels 'all the good chess names have been taken'. Pyscho-Pawn is an eternal optimist though and is confidant that someday he'll get a break. Even if he doesn't, he has a great affection for the Villainry Community. He doesn't take the dangerous part of that life seriously, and in fact has friends who are superheroes.

Powers and Abilities



Red costume covering most of him. There's a mask part but it leaves all his face exposed so its not very effective, more for show. He usually has no cape but he has a neat pair of boots he found in a thrift store once. Not exactly threatening, really.

Special Notes

Refugees of Net.ropolis has been removed from the archives, so the schemes of Psycho-Pawn cannot currently be accessed anywhere online. Therefore, the above information is necessarily incomplete.