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Phantolord is a net.villain created by Abhay Khosla.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: Many, among them Maggie Kellner and Byron Phant
Primary Writer: Abhay Khosla
Status: Incarcerated
Usability: Reserved


Phantolord has been planning to be the chief villains in the lives of Loopy, Marcy, Mojodog, and King Quake for a long, long time. He has associated with King Quake for some time, and even sent a ghost scout against Loopy and company once. Finally, he initiated phase one of his plans, at which point he was foiled by becoming incensed and chasing Loopy and Mojodog into a trap. Captured, the alter ego through which he had learned much was revealed under the purple cowl of a face he had used until then. Underneath that alter ego, the authorities discovered his true face – a floating skull with piercing eyes of purple light.


Slow and careful at times, but given to wild outbursts of temper. He stalked Loopy, Marcy, Mojodog and King Quake for a great deal of time, but before his plans could be fully implemented, his temper led to his arrest. Plotting and calculating, but manically evil and thoroughly insane. Doesn't really think too introspectively, just actively evil.

Powers and Abilities

Phantolord is a master of disguise and a Necromantic Chef. In other words, he can cook ghosts. The ghosts are fairly nasty creatures but have bones within them that hold them together. He's also got your basic set of nefarious supervillain powers.


Shifting. As a master of disguise, Phantolord has taken many shapes, including one known well by King Quake. Phantolord usually wears purple – a purple cape, occasional silver bits, and a purple mask kind of like Cobra Commander's. Without the mask, he usually has a face on that's not his own, but beneath that – a floating skull, eyeholes glowing with purple intensity. There's a yellow symbol of a ghost on his chest that's never described in the series but might as well put in.

Special Notes

Refugees of Net.ropolis has been removed from the archives, so the dark dealings of Phantolord cannot currently be accessed anywhere online. Therefore, the above information is necessarily incomplete.