King Quake

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King Quake is a hero created by Abhay Khosla.
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Abhay Khosla
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team), employer of Loopy, Marcy, Mojodog, and Grumb.
Usability: Reserved


King Quake just popped up, having hired two henchman: Maggie Kellner and Grumb O'Neil. Maggie Kellner turned out not to be what she seemed and was fired. Grumb was kept on as King Quake's personal assistant. King Quake, through manipulation of his powers (well, an aspect of his "true powers"), hid Loopy, Marcy, and Mojodog from the LNH for several days during which they had a small adventure. Using this information, he managed to cajole his way into the LNH, bringing the three teen helpers with him as employees. Once in the LNH, he has only had the opportunity to interview Psycho-Pawn, a scarring experience after which he got slightly tipsy. He's used his room in the LNHQ as an office for his studies, preferring to stay in an apartment a few blocks over. King Quake, through his big-screen TV, talks to his benefactor/investor who gives King Quake missions on occasion, a shadowy figure not yet revealed. Also, he owns a computerized van.


King Quake is very dedicated to a noble ideal of being Justice and Apple Pie. However, having such high standards, he assumes everyone else does as well, and that makes him slightly manipulatable. He likes to think of himself as an "-ologist." He wishes to fight supervillains at the roots of their supervillainry and interview the villains to see what makes them tick. Its not a very reasonably thought out idea, but he's committed at the moment to it – he likes to do things the hard way. He's very uncynical because nothing truly bad as ever happened to him; as a result, he's worried about how he'll react if something does go horribly awry. Well-intentioned, but probably not destined to be that great a success.

Powers and Abilities

Has a mysterious 'ignoring' power that extends to people and security systems, the details of which are slightly fuzzy. Besides that, is a superhero of the Saturday Morning variety – strong, flies, tells you to brush your teeth, that sort of thing. Can be summoned by a combination of three teleporting-decoder rings owned by Loopy, Marcy, and Mojodog.


Strong build though not especially toned. Blue costume, yellow cape, picture of a shield on his chest, Blue mask covering most of the face except the mouth, big white eyeholes (can't actually see the eyes, just the big white eyeholes), strong hint of a square jaw, and the nasal part of the mask is a bird beak stretching out a little bit.

Special Notes

Refugees of Net.ropolis has been removed from the archives, so the adventures of King Quake cannot currently be accessed anywhere online. Therefore, the above information is necessarily incomplete.