Agent Mephitidae

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Agent Mephitidae is a net.hero created by Drew Nilium (character), Ted Brock (original). See also Skunk Girl.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: Agent M, Agent-M
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of the LNH (Team 20)
Usability: General Use


Agent M's past is shrouded in mystery, by choice. The public story – for those who know of the existence of the LNH's secret agent in the first place – is that she is simply a "normal" mutant who happens to look like a skunk.[1] The private story is that she was created by a government experiment that went rogue when its budget was cut. Although her last mission before joining the LNH was infiltrating and shutting down just such an organization, it had nothing to do with her genesis. There are a few she trusts very much, including Fearless Leader. They know that the above stories are false, but they do not know the truth...

Joined the LNH sometime between the fall of The Killfile and the Spoon of Destiny Saga. Is currently assigned to lead the Espionage Squad.


One of few words. Natural second-in-command. Tough, but not without empathy. Completely satisfied with her role as the Legion's secret weapon.

Powers and Abilities

Excellent tactician. Rumored to the best hand-to-hand fighter in the Western Hemisphere. Superhuman agility and senses. Retractable claws. May or may not have enhanced strength, a "skunk blast", or other powers. Mysteeeeerious!


A six-foot-tall humanoid skunk in body armor.



  1. A fairly usual occurrence on Earth-20.