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Jump to navigation Jump to search is a nasty place full of violence, violence and more violence. It is based on the setting from Matt Howarth's Annoying Post Brothers comic, a massive dimensional nexus city where life and death are cheap and Senseless Violence is the order of the day. People from, and the dimension itself, can recover from almost anything.

It's the home of Those Annoying Crosspost Brothers, a pair of sleazy dimension travelers who caused a lot of trouble for the LNH in its early days. But its most famous denizen is Godd Fodder, who became known as Cannon Fodder. (See The Origin of Cannon Fodder).

In 58.5, it was taken over by the evil forces of Workolips, and Cannon Fodder returned there to lead a revolt and gain new insight into his identity and powers.

It's also a real (largely inactive) newsgroup and can be read here or on your local newsreader.