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Bacchus is a Greek god/trenchcoater created by Paul Hardy.
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: Dionysius
Primary Writer: Paul Hardy
Status: Member of the Net.Trenchcoat Brigade
Usability: Usable With Permission


Okay, so Zeus liked a bit on the side, right? I mean, Hera was never very understanding of that sort of thing. A bit jealous. So, when the big guy took a shine to this mortal woman, Semele, and Hera found out, she really got mad. Convinced Semele that the guy she'd been seeing wasn't just an ordinary bloke. Semele wasn't too happy about this, and the next time Zeus comes round (she's already pregnant by him), she challenges him to show himself in his full regalia. Including thunderbolts, which is a bit of a mistake really, because Semele gets frazzled instantly. Zeus, who's really unhappy about this, takes the kid from her womb, and sews him up inside his thigh to carry on gestating. No, honest, it's all true. Just ask Ovid.

Anyway, when he's ready, out he comes, and lo and behold, it's a new god, Bacchus, the god of wine. The rest is history. Quite a bit of it, in fact. Listen to the man himself: "You can live for a thousand years and be in your prime. Two thousand- who's to say you ain't gonna live forever? Three thousand, the "noble rot" sets in. And after four thousand years, there are suddenly lots of deadfaced gods attending to unfinished business in a hurry".

Bacchus eventually joined the Net.Trenchcoat Brigade, a fitting place for the god of madness and tragedy as well as alcohol. Some people say he was the first trenchcoater. (Mind you, usually it's him saying it and a bunch of happy drunks agreeing.) He was sighted in 1956 by Occultism Kid I, and let him drink from a bottle with the answers to all the mysteries of the Looniverse.

In 1993, he joined up with many other trenchcoaters to fight the Universal Office in Chicago.

He was not seen by net.heroes for many years, until the Sabertooth plague, when he brought the wine to the cosmic drinking contest against DeltaKiwi Megantereon, and stuck around after to narrate the finish.

Originally based on the version of Bacchus from Eddie Campbell's eponymous comic, he evolved into a similar but distinct version of the Greek god.


A wily man with an enormous appetite for life and alcohol, though well aware he's past his prime.

Powers and Abilities

Bacchus can... well, he can tell stories. Really well. I mean, really fantastically well. He tells them in bars mostly, whilst drinking, which is the other main thing he does. But never beer, of course. Wine, and it's derivatives, are what you should buy Bacchus when you meet him in a bar. As for anything else... well, strange things have been noticed to happen around him. The sudden growth of vines. Women going crazy. Shapechanging. That sort of thing. Just don't get on the wrong side of him, that's all I can say.

His status as the mythological founder of tragedy seems to give him some kind of elemental connection to Drama.


As an NTBer, usually appears as a run-down-looking old man man with a black trenchcoat, though in the right light, at the right angle, may resemble far different versions of the mythological figure. Sometimes he has a crown of grapes on his head.