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CAW is a net.hero created by Matt Rossi.
Alter Ego: The Carborundum Armored Weapon
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Matt Rossi
Status: Member of the Load Island Renegades
Usability: Reserved


CAW was built by the US Government. Like most government-contracted jobs, things went a little wrong... CAW joined (well, actually, forced himself) onto Swordmaster, thinking that the sword-swinging Net.Hero was Joel from MST3K. Since then, he's been a stalwart, if absolutely insane, member of the team.


He was accidentally programmed with taped episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000. He thinks he's Crow.

Powers and Abilities

A giant robot who can constantly create new and innovative weapons systems out of his interior components.


A nine-and-a-half-foot-tall yellow robot bristling with weapons. His head does look a lot like Crow's.