Carl Shepherd

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Carl Shepherd is a reporter created by Amabel Holland.
Alter Ego: N/A
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Reporter for the Net.ropolis Times
Usability: Free For Use


Carl Shepherd was a midlevel reporter for the Times, assigned to figure out the truth about Mr. Net.ropolis, though he wasn't his or anyone's favorite hero. He had a theory – that Mr. Net.ropolis was actually Golden Man's late sidekick, Bobby. He put together a fake fan club which attracted... Golden Man, who gave a long speech about how much he admired Mr. Net.ropolis but revealed nothing about who he was.

In the end, he did draw out Mr. Net.ropolis by threatening to throw himself off a bridge. Mr Net.ropolis refused to give any information, making it clear that he didn't want fame or admiration, he just wanted to do his job, whether anyone else cared or not. Carl Shepherd never got his story. But he came through with a deeper understanding of why Mr. Net.ropolis mattered more than he'd thought, and what a hero really was.


Dogged and cynical, but with a deep appreciation for true heroism.

Powers and Abilities

A reporter who's okay at his job.


Not described.