Clone of the Giant Sewer Rat

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Clone of the Giant Sewer Rat is a cloned giant sewer rat created by Amabel Holland.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Amabel Holland
Status: Currently active in net.villainy
Usability: Free for use


The Giant Sewer Rat created a clone body in an attempt to resurrect itself, however, it was not able to project its consciousness into it. While the Giant Sewer Rat's astral form traveled into the cosmos, its clone continued to carry out its evil plans in the land of the living.

The Clone of the Giant Sewer Rat allied itself with Barkseid in an attack on Ultimate Ninja. It convinced Barkseid to use his cosmic powers to retcon Ultimate Ninja's past, removing the character development wReam had added at the very end of his series.

<wikilull? Or was that the original?>


Pretty much the same as the original (IE evil).

Powers and Abilities

Had all its creator's scientific knowledge.


A giant sewer rat.