Devil Legion

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In a long distant time, in a universe far away, the demon who claimed to be that Earth's Christian Devil distributed his body parts among his followers, to avoid being summoned as one demonic being. Since then, the recipients have been known as the Donors of Satan.

The Devil Legion is a group of Satanists from the Superhuman World, each with the power of one body part of Satan. They don't have all the body parts; they left behind the Heart, Skull, Legs, Eye, and whichever satanic body part generates Fire. So they can't rebuild their Devil. But they can exercise whatever powers their body parts have. They are led by the Buttocks of Satan, now calling himself Devil Ass Boy.

They are classic vigilantes, but not predatory upon innocents. Their powers allow them to perceive guilt.

They presently have these limits:

  1. They are junior members of their mystic order, and exiled across universes from their seniors. These senior members now believe the Devil Legion has betrayed them - as indeed the Devil Legion has.
  2. The versions of Brad Pitt who are members of the Net.Trenchcoat Brigade have bound them to stay within Net.ropolis. In the Looniverse, words have power.
  3. In order to pass under the vigilance of the Brad Pitts, Devil Ass Boy has declared the Devil Legion to be fighters for goodness. In the Looniverse, words have power.
  4. They may be vulnerable to sincere faith in supernatural things other than Satan, in the same way that vampires are vulnerable to crucifixes. At the least, these things make them uncomfortable.

With them came a Devil Dog, a zombie raised by the senior masters of their mystic order. The Devil Dog has shown the power to pass barriers against other devil-creatures. He was sent with them to fulfill the role of Limabean the Richtofen's Birthday Miracle Beagle. His whereabouts are detailed in Devil Legion #1: The Tale of the Devil Dog.