Doctor Armaggeddon

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Doctor Armaggeddon is a net.villain created by Mike Escutia. Yes, his name is supposed to be spelled like that.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Mike Escutia
Status: Former master of the Knightforce Elite, deceased
Usability: Reserved


In another world, the villain known as Dr. Armaggeddon jumped through a spatial rift to escape his enemies, landing in the Looniverse. He cloned those enemies, creating the Knightforce Elite, and built a mighty Destructron. But in the end, he was stopped by Pliable Lad, Plymax and the LNH, revealed as just another clone and destroyed.

...but during Retcon Hour, Pliable Lad was removed from history. And in the new timeline known as Retcon Midnight, Doctor Armaggeddon stood triumphant, the LNH ground under his heel and the power of the Rings of Retcon in his grasp. But he was not untouchable. The power of the Ring of Continuity lead Continuity Champ to triumph over him – but in a petulant rage, Dr. Armageddon used his Rings to destroy the world. Thankfully, Pliable Lad was able to set things right and restore the proper timeline.


Megalomaniacal conqueror. Almost childish in his glee and petulance.

Powers and Abilities

Mad scientist with a focus on cloning and destruction.


A tall man in light armor and a cloak.