Forgotten Vigilante

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Forgotten Vigilante is a hero created by Scott Eiler.
Alter Ego: Edouard Morowiecz
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Scott Eiler
Status: Dead
Usability: Free For Use


Edouard Morowiecz was a young laborer in the Poland of the Superhuman World when Nazi Germany invaded in 1939. He avoided the conquerors as much as possible – to such an extent that he developed powers that made everyone forget his existence, every day. When he realized this, he started hunting Nazis. His career lasted to 2009, when he killed the last Nazi he knew of (coincidentally, from the Ukraine). He then surrendered, contacted his nephew Sylvester Morrow, and told his story. He then died peacefully in jail, in his sleep.

Doc Nostalgia saw Edouard in jail. After that, while incapacitated by an attack from Mister Morrison, he had a vision of Edouard and Lydia Devin. The two of them helped Doc Nostalgia recover.


Edouard was meek. But beyond a certain level of provocation, he would turn against his aggressors. This behavior lasted until the day he died.

Powers and Abilities

Some unexplained power made most people forget every morning that Edouard Morowiecz ever existed. However, due to his connection to memory and the past, Doc Nostalgia remembers him. Possibly, a version of the Forgotten Vigilante exists in Earth-20's history, though this may also be an aspect of the Powernaut's fractal time.


Edouard was a short, fairly small man. He always wore street clothes.


The Forgotten Vigilante originates from outside of LNH continuity, in the Superhuman World imprint. These stories feature his crossovers with the Legion.