Gorilla Grad

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Gorilla Grad is a sapient simian created by Tony Pi.
Alter Ego: Qwyn Mallah
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Grad student at Boontown University
Usability: Free For Use


Gorilla Grad was once a graduate student at Boontown University in Earth-Boon working on a prototype quantum fission device. Unfortunately, his thesis advisor, Professor Prime-8, was a member of Y.E.T.I., an evil force scheming to merge Earth-Boon and Earth-Loon with a quantum fusion bomb. Gorilla Grad and the Challengers of the Abominable managed to thwart this plan, but GG and Boontown U ended up trapped on Earth-Loon.

During the Birth of a Villain cascade, he exploded onto the scene... and was promptly captured by Vector before he could join the main plot. However, the information he gathered as a prisoner of the Church of the Fourth Wall was vital to stopping their schemes and those of wReamicus Maximus.


Highly intelligent and well-educated.

Powers and Abilities

Knowledge of advanced scientific principles, plus the physical prowess of an almost-fit gorilla.


A young gorilla.