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IMPLO is a destroyer of ongoing storylines created by Matt Rossi and Jeff McCoskey.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Banished from reality
Usability: Usable With Permission


The being known as IMPLO is an alien cyborg whose threat of cancellation has loomed over the heroes of the Looniverse for a long time; the Net.astic Nine lost over half their members in battle with him, erased completely from existence.

During Retcon Hour, wReamicus Maximus was causing as much chaos as possible. As part of this, he opened a cosmic gate and let IMPLO back into the Looniverse. IMPLO roamed around the crossover, cancelling series and killing those who got in his way, either directly or through retcon.

In the end, the RACCelestial Madonna brought back all the cancelled titles and banished IMPLO to the pages of Errand Boy – which he had already cancelled...


Scornful; cares for naught except cancelling series. Can be confused and baffled by events not going according to plan.

Powers and Abilities

Strong and durable. Able to command retcon energy. Seems to have the ability to cancel any ongoing series he steps into; however, semi-cosmic beings such as Constellation and the RACCelestial Madonna are able to slow or stop him.


A huge robotic being. He wears glittering purple and green armor that completely covers his features, except for the all-white eyes.