Jerome Gully

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Jerome Gully is a doctor and paranormal investigator created by Jesse Willey.
Alter Ego: Jerome Patrick Gully
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Jesse Willey
Status: Deceased
Usability: Reserved


Jerome Gully was the child of a family of mad scientists, including Doctor Emil Doritron, his uncle. He spent much of his childhood alone. When he was five he had an imaginary friend which lead him to postulate the existence of psycho-symbiotic life forms. They called him crazy, but like many other misunderstood scientists, he turned out to be right. He wrote the mathematical formula proving their existence at age 8. For his family that was slow. (After all, his cousin had found a way to control the stock market at age four.) It was still good enough to get Jerome into high school early.

It wasn't easy being a high school freshmen at the age of nine. He didn't have any friends, which lead him to spend most of his time watching old science fiction movies, but that pushed him further into the world of the unexplained. He wrote his first formal scientific paper of human transformation into monsters at the age of ten. It gained him quite notoriety in the field of parapsychology, especially for a layman. Throughout his high school years he wrote five more papers. Three years afterward he got three PH.D.s and became a world traveler. He rebelled against his family by taking the path of the paranormal investigator, using his scientific talents to study supernatural phenomena.

During his teenage years, he supported himself by working as a doctor in the high school where Rick Henkerton attended and became one of his few friends.

Some time later, while in training with some other mystics in Tibet, he was part of a party that fought and defeated a demon called the Invokar. He was the only one to come away from the group unscathed. After this he spent some time as a wandering trenchcoater, hunting demons in Washington, DC.

At 27, he met Doctor Ashley Variel, while working as a medical intern and parapsychologist at George Washington University. They worked together to help Carolyn Forge and Gully's old friend Rick, now Boy Redundant Lad, and soon moved to Sig.Ago to work at a medical complex there, building a relationship with The Team. He soon fell hopelessly in love with Dr. Variel. He joined her as part of a new private practice and babysat her cat when she was busy.

He continued to become entangled with the paranormal, consulting for Regal 13, facing off against the returning Invokar and investigating a haunting of a production of Macbeth by Francis Bacon's ghost. He finally admitted his feelings for Variel and they became involved. But all too soon, he took his own life to protect her from a demon born from his own fears. He willed her all of his considerable secret wealth so she could look after herself and the triplets they had concieved.

After his death, he continued to aid his friends and family as a ghost.


Enthusiastic and expressive. Workaholic. Fascinated by paranormal phenomena of all kinds.

Powers and Abilities

A skilled medical practitioner. Has low-level psychic and telekinetic powers.


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