Johnny Fearless

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Johnny Fearless is a reporter created by Ted Brock.
Alter Ego: Johnny Ferrifous
Aliases: "That crazy nut"
Primary Writer: Ted Brock
Status: Reporter for the Net.ropolis Daily
Usability: Free For Use


Fearless is a reporter for the Net.ropolis Daily, and his assignments occasionally have him covering and even "tagging along" with the LNH. It has been hinted that Fearless has been covering the LNH for a long time, and there are many "untold tales" inside LNH continuity he has to tell.


Ferrifous, or Fearless, as he's usually known as, is a pure professional, if you excuse the fact that he talks only in voice-over dialogue. He is willing to bend and sometimes even break the rules in order to help out net.heroes. Fearless has been called either very brave or a complete idiot. He's one of the few people who will try some of Cheesecake-Eater Lad's more exotic cheesecakes.

Powers and Abilities



Fearless is usually dressed in standard civilian attire, though he prefers to wear a tan trenchcoat, shades, and a felt fedora when "tagging along" with various LNHers. He will almost always be smoking a cigarette.