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Jynx is a net.hero created by Ian Porell.
Alter Ego: Jynx Danzinger
Aliases: Telepathetic Lass
Primary Writer: Ian Porell
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team)
Usability: Usable With Permission


Jynx joined the Legion after helping Kid Kiwi against The Kiwi Messiah. She was assigned the codename "Telepathetic Lass", but doesn't use it.


Angry at a lot of things, but especially the patriarchy, and the misogynistic, anti-woman aspects of society.

Powers and Abilities

Telepathetic; can broadcast an aura that makes those around her feel absolutely pathetic. Unfortunately, she's not immune to the effect, but she does recover from it quicker than others.

Drives a big green jeep.


A girl in her late teens, about 5'6", with combat boots adding an inch. Tawny yellow eyes. Black hair, half of which is shaved, the other half close-cropped and ragged. Has a tattoo of a snake coiled around an apple on her shoulder.

Usually wears a black tank top a pair of camo pants, and lots of badass jewelry – a gold nose stud, earrings that are skull-like versions of the comedy and tragedy masks, and gold bands around her upper arms. Often seen smoking a pipe.


Warbabe is one of the few people who really gets her.