Kid Yesterdaze

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Kid Yesterdaze is a net.hero created by Karthik P. Sheka.
Alter Ego: Jason Frey
Aliases: Kid Presentdaze
Primary Writer: None
Status: Former member of the LNH (retired), former member of the Classics Squad
Usability: Not Reserved


Kid Yesterdaze was just a simple comics shop owner until he crossed the mob. Refusing to launder money, he came home to find they'd hooked his wife on romance comics. Taking up an old leather satchel and filling it with vengeance-themed comics, he struck back, making the criminals read the comics and thus become terrified.

Kid Yesterdaze has been active in net.heroing for a long time. He was once known as Kid Presentdaze, and is known to have been a member of the Classics Squad at least as early as 1956. He was a founding member of the modern-age LNH.

During a trip to Webster's World, he got a new satchel that extended into extradimensional space. He used this for a while until it was stolen and used by the Plaid Man to send the LNH into the Comics Crossroads. He was forced to destroy the satchel to save the LNH. Afterwards, he retired.

He left retirement for a short time to join the "Legion of Substitute Net.Heroes" recruited by The Looker to retrieve the Ring of Retcon. However, this was a trap, and after getting the ring, he was made a brainwashed slave until the Drizzt's Defenders freed them.


Heroic, relatively laid-back.

Powers and Abilities

Can think up of all the ways the current storyline is not nearly as good as one from about 5 years ago. As a side effect, can think up ways in which a plot can be made better, even years after it was finished.

Used comic books in battle for various effects. Had an extradimensional satchel which could hold a nigh-unlimited number of comics.


I seriously can't find anywhere he's ever been described.