Kristi the Animal Woman

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Kristi the Animal Woman is a hero created by Scott Eiler.
Alter Ego: Kristi Halsted
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Scott Eiler
Status: Active
Usability: Reserved


Kristi Halsted was twenty-one years old in the year 2022, when her world was ending from a nuclear ice-pocalypse. Most people suffered from a wasting sickness; her parents had already died. But she retained vitality due to animal panther powers, or so she believed.

A time traveler from 2002 dragged her back to his era, and swore her world was ending. Given the world around her, she believed him.

The traveler was Wyatt Ferguson. He and she parted ways. They reunited when he became the Chancellor Wyatt of the Council of Ordered Realities. Kristi now assists him as his agent.


Kristi is a modern young woman. Indeed, she's post-modern, given she comes from the future. (Well, not anymore, but you get it.)

Powers and Abilities

Kristi can channel the powers of some (but not all) animals. To date she has shown the powers of panthers, bears, whales, and mosquitoes, plus a few others.


Kristi is 5'3" and roughly 150 pounds.


Kristi originates from outside of LNH continuity, in the Superhuman World imprint. These stories feature his crossovers with the Legion.