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The MicroMACs are a race of toy-sized transforming robots from Looniverse-Murmur.


Long ago, a race of beings known as the Trademarkers used their Alterscope to spy on the RoboMAC worlds. They created the MicroMACs based on what they saw, and made them fight for their entertainment. The MicroMACs overthrew them, but began to fight among themselves instead, until the day WikiCide contacted them, to begin a Robot Invasion mechanoid incursion!

After Antiochus XXVIII was overthrown and the MicroMACs helped in the battle against Neme.sys, it was a new era, and no one knows what future lies in store for them – save that it includes the people of Looniverse-Bael.


Their full abilities are unknown, but may be similar to those of RoboMACs. Notably, they seem to be far more computationally efficient than RoboMACs, able to fit full intelligence and a lifetime's worth of memories into tiny bodies.


The MicroMACs are divided into many factions:

  • The Pocket Empire: The only faction that's been seen on-screen, they played the part of the aggressive conquerors. wIkimus Maximus now leads them, with more of a performative flair.
  • The Guardiettes
  • The AniMACs
  • The MicroMicroMACs

Known MicroMACs