Mighty Muddy Power Grangers

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The Mighty Muddy Power Grangers are a quintet of rural teenagers with attitude, given power by a radioactive explosion and granted power armor and mecha by the mad scientist Dr. Hans Cheef.

They are:

  • Billy-Joe-Jim-Bob, AKA Mule: Invulnerable to any attack he doesn't know about. His robot is a mule.
  • Joe-Bob-Jimbo, AKA Bull: Has instinctive skills in repair and design, and fast reflexes that make him an expert driver. His robot is a bull.
  • Jimmy-Jimbo-Joe, AKA Reaper (no relation): Wields a deadly scythe. His robot is a threshing machine.
  • Bobby-Joe-Jimbo, AKA Hellhound: Weapons master who can start fires at will. His robot is a dog.
  • Pinto Sally, AKA Superchick: The leader, who has the power to cloud men's minds with horny. Her robot is a chicken.

Their robots combine to form the terrifying Rooster D. Structoid![1]

They clashed with Team M.E.C.H.A. and a number of other heroes in a massive chaotic battle in Bob City. The Grangers came away wanting revenge against Team M.E.C.H.A. – except Pinto Sally, who ended up falling for Link Douglas and switching sides! Madder than ever, the Grangers signed on with DeFacto V, who gave them RoboMACs technology to upgrade their mechs, assigned the stoner Invid Wayne and Team M.E.C.H.A.'s other archenemy Doctor Zwarghoff as new members, and brought them to the Looniverse to battle Dvandom Force. Wayne was given a goat mech, and Zwarghoff a vulture. Together they formed the new, more powerful Roadkill Destructoid.

Wayne never really trusted his teammates, only being pulled into the fights because he was stoned out of his gourd, and soon defected to Dvandom Force. The Grangers, meanwhile, were defeated and left for dead, with Darkheart and Steelwind taking over their Roadkill Destructoid and the Constellation Gang's Hercules. Pinto Sally was able to save her cousins' lives with the help of Lord MUDD, at the cost of sacrificing (almost) all their powers.

Dvandom Force sent the Grangers back to their home reality – but unknown to them, 000SUPERGUY's Zwarghoff had switched places with the Looniverse version, each going to the other's reality to make a fresh start...


  1. Or Rooster Destructoid, or Rooster D-Structoid, depending on who you ask.