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Missy is a alien hero created by Jamas Enright. She is completely unrelated to Exclamation!Missy!.
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Jamas Enright
Status: Former member of the Alt.Riders, deceased (or something?)
Usability: Reserved


A being from another planet, Missy received the Voyager signal of peace, and contacted earth, asking to come there. The Alt.Riders arrived in time for a civil war, but managed to get Missy away safely. She came to work with the Alt.Riders as a scientific consultant.

<Fill in pregnancy and Lillie>


Curious, often doesn't understand earth customs and mannerisms.

Powers and Abilities

Great knowledge of the alien science of the Chubs, who did not have electronics, but still managed to develop quite complex technology with steam and machinery. (Biology and chemistry were also very well studied.)


As a member of a race known as the Chubs, she is small, fat (nearly totally round) and blue. She wears a red outfit and a red hat.