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Mystery is a net.hero created by Jesse Willey. See also Mystery II
Alter Ego: Amelia Chesterfield
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Jesse Willey
Status: Member of The Team
Usability: Reserved


Amelia Chesterfield is the daughter of the supervillains Gasmaster and Conductress, members of the Dark Conclave. In 1981, shortly after she was born, her mother divorced her father and tried to save her child from his machinations. Gasmaster fought to take her back but was stopped by a time traveling heroine called Mystery...

Amelia was raised by Counductress (AKA Marge) and her third husband, a policeman named Chesterfield, in Sig.ago. In high school, she was a cheerleader and developed a crush on her classmate Rick Henkerton, bullied by his other classmates for his disability, who worked as announcer at the games.

Eventually she discovered her heritage and her own powers and became a hero, Mystery, alongside her far more reluctant half-brother Joshua, AKA Duplicator. She brought together a group of young heroes to form The Team, who refused to become the formal superteam she wanted but stayed together as a group of friends. This included Rick, now Boy Redundant Lad. Alongside the Team, she battled her father and mother, who had returned to villainy. Initially, she kept her identity secret from them, but when she revealed her identity to Rick, he convinced her to tell the rest of the team.


Charismatic and extroverted, but keeps her distance from people. Determined to be a hero.

Powers and Abilities

Can dissolve into smoke.


Has red hair.