Onyx City

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Onyx City is a shadowy, rainy, noirish place in the Paci.fanfic Northwest of the Usenetted States, notable for its many disreputable bars:

It was a fairly vague place, even for a city in the Looniverse. Buildings and walls tended to fade into the fog when you weren't looking at them, and geography rearranged itself without leaving a forwarding address. The only things certain about Onyx City were that it didn't have any net.heroes (well, there was one, but he was more of a dabbler than a real hero), and there were exactly 384 smoky basement bars within city limits. If one closed or burned down, another always seemed to take its place within days. And no one who tried to open number 385 lasted more than a few days unless one of the other 384 went under first.
Dvandom Force #74

Here, Steelwind sought out embittered ex-hero Charlie Risk, the Human Decoy, and recruited him to the Century Pact. He was transformed into Acton Lord II, and attacked Onyx City with his new powers over corruption. The local hero, Barman, wielder of the Cosmic Tap, was not able to put up much of a fight against him with his cosmically charged beer. Acton Lord II came close to defeating Dvandom Force, but...

Soon after, Onyx City became one of the cities which passed an anti-net.hero ordinance due to the Pact's influence, and Barman was arrested after refusing to either leave or join the police department; after the Pact was defeated, this law was undone.


Onyx City is a parody of Opal City from the DC Universe, with Barman being based on the Jack Knight Starman.