Plot-Device King

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Plot-Device King is a net.hero created by Ben Rawluk. Not to be confused with Plot King.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Ben Rawluk
Status: Former member of the LNH (Classic Team), former member of the Net.Titans
Usability: Reserved


Much of his history is unknown, though it is theorized that PDK got his powers from the Players on WarriorMUSH.

<fill in more>

He vanished after the Exponential Man was defeated. If one looks carefully through 1955-era newspapers, one might find someone calling themselves the "Pinko-Smasher" who bears a startling resemblance...


PDK is reckless. The way he sees things, his power will defend him from harm, though this is not always the case.

Powers and Abilities

Plot-Device King is a living Plot Device. Uncontrolled and unmeasured, PDK has demonstrated that his power will naturally affect probability by producing plotdevion particles which cause things to go in his favor in order to protect him.


A spandex costume of blue under yellow armor.