Pointless Awards Man II

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Pointless Awards Man II is a host created by Jamie Rosen. See also Pointless Awards Man I, Pointless Awards Man III, and Pointless Awards Man IV.
Alter Ego: Jamie
Aliases: Apparently not dead?
Primary Writer: None
Status: Who knows
Usability: Not Reserved


Showed up onstage at the RACCies after Pointless Awards Man had mysteriously disappeared (read: was locked in a closet).

The Looniverse version of him apparently died during Flame Wars VI, killed by one of the Headhunters. However, he returned without explanation (except for the theories of anonymous RACC readers) during Just Imagine Saxon Brenton's RACCies!. He almost died again after being attacked by Pointless Awards Man III.


Genial, flamboyant, a bit smarmy. Capable of underhanded deeds. Kind of a wuss.

Powers and Abilities

Skilled at emceeing. Has twice as many arms as a regular person.


A four-armed, green-skinned, goatee-sporting monstrosity wearing a lemon yellow and powder blue tuxedo three sizes too small.