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Possum-Man is a net.hero created by Mitchell Crouch.
Alter Ego: Sticks Tarqchevskison
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Mitchell Crouch
Status: Active net.hero in the general Www.ollongong area
Usability: Reserved


<stuff from Alt.stralian Yarns>

After that incident, Sticks gave up being Possum-Man for five months, but returned after a mysterious villain started killing off his old school friends. It turned out to be Duck McMuck, who came together with Green-on-Black and the White Boomer in order to attack Possum-Man, his friends Stones and Monica Jade, and his reputation at the behest of their mysterious mistress, The Vixen.

The Vixen told him to give up being a net.hero, and she would stop being a net.villain. He did, dating Monica and trying to keep to a peaceful life, and she kept her end of the bargain; but he couldn't help himself from helping people, and she returned. It turned out that The Vixen was, in fact, Monica, claiming that she'd been sent by the Ultimate Ninja to "take care of" Possum-Man. But after a great confrontation where she ended up protecting him from the consequences of her own plans, the two of them accepted the conflict in their life philosophies, and returned to a dance of net.hero and net.villain. (Also somewhere in there he took on Sonflower as his sidekick.)


Not entirely stable. Flails around a lot, sometimes screams. Generally seems to keep a positive attitude?

Powers and Abilities

An excellent children's birthday party clown.


His costume is silvery grey spandex from head to toe with remarkably tight tights, lined with styrofoam muscles, and a golden stylized possum face on the chest. The face of the costume is cut away to reveal nose, mouth and chin, and he wears large shiny yellow goggles. He has a golden brown belt, holding various small pouches and a silver belt buckle. He has a golden cape with a silvery grey version of the same possum face from his chest. He wears well-gripped golden brown boots and gloves; the boots have rings on the heels that the cape can attach to for gliding.

In colder weather, he wears a big furry silver vest with his golden Possum-Man logo dyed onto it, and some thicker golden-brown cargo pants to cover his legs.

He has possum-shaped chest hair.