Post-Time Shifter

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Post-Time Shifter is a net.villain created by wReam.
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Messing up continuity somewhere
Usability: Not Reserved


The first known appearance of the Post-Time Shifter was in 1980, when, crazed by visions of a future Internet full of chaos, he fought Macroman.

He re-emerged along with Plotchopper and Dyslexia during the end of the Cosmic Plot Device Caper/beginning of the Two-and-a-Half Month Gap, to explain why continuity didn't make sense anymore (and somehow imply that continuity did make sense during the CPDC).

With the diminished rate of posting, his ability to create chaos has been reduced, but he may well still be responsible for stray errors in continuity and chronology. (Unless that's Plotchopper. (Could be both.))


Inconsistent. Seems to have started out controlled by his visions, and gained more lucidity as time went on – unless that is another temporal illusion...

Powers and Abilities

Can move things around in time and mess up continuity. Wherever he is, he is neither here, there or anywhere.


Almost transparent.