Pumpkin the Halloween Miracle Parakeet

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Pumpkin the Halloween Miracle Parakeet is a Holiday Miracle Pet created by Arthur Spitzer.
Alter Ego: N/A
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Arthur Spitzer
Status: Active Holiday Miracle Pet, may not exist outside the Halloween season
Usability: Free For Use during the Halloween season


Pumpkin the Halloween Miracle Parakeet first showed up when Greatest-Most-Awesome-LNH-Villain-Ever Master Man was executing an eeeeeeevil (and silly) plan on Halloween, defeating him by disguising herself as a piece of Halloween candy and bursting out of his chest, then going off to defend Halloween in various bloody, miraculous ways.

She returned next Halloween when a bunch of NoKluAnon conspiracy theorists watched a VHS tape that kills you. (Because Pumpkin comes out of the TV and, well, kills you.) The next year... a whole bunch of terrifying stuff happened, and Pumpkin was there too.


Loud and violent; very aware she is descended from dinosaurs. Hates being shot at.

Powers and Abilities

Can transform into any type of Halloween candy. Very good at bursting out of people's chests. Has blood that's stronger than the strongest acid. Various other Halloween miracle powers.

Her Hollywood Celebrity Totem is Charlie Sheen.


She's a parakeet that's the same color as candy corn (although she spends a lot of time splattered in blood). She wears a tiny witch's hat.