Greatest-Most-Awesome-LNH-Villain-Ever Master Man

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Greatest-Most-Awesome-LNH-Villain-Ever Master Man is a better net.villain than you created by Arthur Spitzer.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Arthur Spitzer
Status: Probably not dead
Usability: Not Reserved


Greatest-Most-Awesome-LNH-Villain-Ever Master Man realized at an early age that he was the coolest villain that the LNH had ever had. And with great coolness comes even greater responsibility. His first appearance was in Beige Countdown #0, where he gave perhaps the most brilliant and awesome performance that any character has ever given in an LNH title. Sadly, even though the critics and people who understand the concept of awesomeness loved it – that still wasn't enough for him to win a RACCie.

He was the true architect of evil behind Flame Wars Final, but the powers that be suppressed the final issue where he put the entire Loonivearth to sleep for seven thousand years. In the alt.ernate future of JONG #69, he died in a bus accident... or rather, faked his own death so he could be an even better and more awesome net.villain!

But his greatest plot was to create a documentary of Namer Boy, and, in fact, secretly make it about him, so that people around the water cooler and on social media could debate at length about how cool and sexy this mysterious villain was! Unfortunately, Pumpkin the Halloween Miracle Parakeet rendered him slightly too exploded to carry out his plan – but because he's way too awesome to die, he will be back!

He's still trying to get people to sign the Make Beige Midnight Awesome Petition – so that Beige Midnight can finally be awesome by having him be in it.


The best guy you've ever met. Definitely not egotistical to the point of ridiculousness, absolutely doesn't leap overconfidently into dangerous situations, and would never take credit for things he had absolutely nothing to do with.

Powers and Abilities

Being the best, being awesome, getting all the fans (who are weirdly quiet but that's okay he loves them anyway).


He is best friends with Charlie Sheen.


Not described.