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The Best Flamewar RACCie was given to noteworthy arguments on rec.arts.comics.creative.

The recipients include:

  • 1994 — Newbie Death Squad/Get rid of X-Men
  • 1995 — LNH Leadership: Time for a Change?
  • 1996 — Moderation!!!!
  • 1997 — Let's Kill The LNH!
  • 1998 — Archer Sloane for best supporting character
  • 1999 — I have never started a flamewar...I was just detecting irony
  • 2000 — I Wasn't Flaming, I Was Detecting Irony (Notably, this flamewar spilled over into Mutton Mania, ultimately resulting in Deja Dude being turned into a sheep.)
  • 2001 — The State of Sig.ago
  • 2002 — Sig.ago is Mine! Mine! Mine!
  • 2003 — We didn't give you permission to use our imprint in your crossover
  • 2004 — Should We Stop Having RACCies?
  • 2005 — Should We Have The Accies This Year?
  • 2006 — Any analysis of Jesse Willey's writing by Tom Russell
  • 2007 — You Posted a Story With My Characters After I Expressly Told You Not To and Now Everything You've Ever Written With Them Ever is Retconned Forever!

The award existed despite section 1.2 of the RACC Frequently Asked Questions, which declared that the newsgroup is not for "flames and personality conflicts. Critiques, yes. Flames, no." Eventually, it was decided to scrap this award and replace it with RACCies:Best Discussion in 2008.