Rampaging Elephant

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Rampaging Elephant is a net.villain created by Amabel Holland.
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Probably still rampaging somewhere
Usability: Free For Use


The Rampaging Elephant was an elephant-suited goon who loved robbing banks, as you do. He attacked a bank in Net.ropolis and was driven off by Challenger and Ultimate Ninja with help from bank-teller Lilly Paschall. However, he captured Lilly in his trunk for his sinister employer. But his employer was unsatisfied with his performance, killing him, or maybe just firing him.

Barkseid implied that he had been the one who created Rampaging Elephant's suit.


Classic midcard Spider-Man villain type. Loves smashing things and robbing banks.

Powers and Abilities

Super-strength. Can suck people into his elephant trunk.


A man in an elephant suit with big floppy ears, with a small grey button on either hand.