Robert Ramirez

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Robert Ramirez, medical student at Harvard, was a rec.arts.comics.xbooks poster who was infamous for his fascination with sex and violence. After he made some lustful remarks about Psylocke, Martin Phipps decided his striking personality made him a good fit for an LNH character. He suggested writing him in as "Lustful Lad," but Robert Ramirez had a better idea— he would be called Master Blaster and wield an unstoppable Big Gun. Martin wrote him into the LNH in Deja Dude/Master Blaster, and he became a long-term fixture among the team.

Robert Ramirez's only LNH stories were roleplaying posts where he carried out an ongoing munchkin-y friendly rivalry between his character and Josh Geurink's Occultism Kid. See Occultism Kid vs. Master Blaster.