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Rwtn-T'bol is a Elder God created by Lalo Martins.
Alter Ego: N/A
Aliases: Many among the blasphemous sects
Primary Writer: None
Status: Vast and terrible
Usability: General Use


One of the eldritch beings who lie in wait in the spaces beyond, Rwtn-T'bol has often been opposed by Professor Penumbra. But during the Spoon of Destiny Saga, the Professor got a shock when Rwtn-T'bol revealed that the Great Old Ones were actually trying to help the humans find the Spoon of Destiny – for their own purposes, of course.


Can actually be pretty casual when not in "brief mortals, you will be devoured" mode.

Powers and Abilities

Sees all things that happen in the eldritch planes. Passes between worlds like walking between rooms. Likes to nom on delicious planets.


A horrible, unspeakable thing with an uncountable number of tentacles, with more tentacles constantly appearing and merging and splitting off.


Seems to have A Thing – an adorable thing – with The Router.