Spoon of Destiny

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The Spoon of Destiny is a cosmically powerful eating utensil. It was the Plot Device that drove the Spoon of Destiny Saga. Sometimes, there are multiple Spoons of Destiny.


Originally, the Spoon was crafted by the Elder Gods to assist them in their consumption of worlds whose time had reached its end. But countless aeons ago, it was stolen from The Preceptory[1], and brought terror and grief to the mortal worlds it passed through.

Eventually, it ended up on Earth-20. Due to unrevealed events, it ended up in the hands of that world's Legion of Net.Heroes. Secretly, they locked it in what seemed like safety, away in the vaults under Vatican City.

After the Lycopersicon invasion, W.H.A.T.E.V.E.R. put into effect their plans to trick the LNH into revealing the location of the Spoon so they could take its power for themselves. However, this was instigated by Mother Time, who knew that the Spoon could be used to open the gate to Ava.LAN and bring back The Killfile.

It turned out that, due to quantum Schrodinger effects, the Spoon was simultaneously spread across many spoons. The LNH, W.H.A.T.E.V.E.R., and other agents raced to bring the Spoons together...


Incredible levels of cosmic power, including changing the past via retcon, twisting time and space, and manipulation of cosmic energy. When the Spoon is separated, the power is spread between them.


Each of the separated Spoons looks like an average plastic spoon. When two Spoons joined, the merged one became silver...

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  1. Specifically, from the Preceptory's cafeteria.