Spoon of Destiny (Classic)

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The Spoon of Destiny of Looniverse-A is the reincarnation of the Holy Grail into a plastic spoon. Yes, really.



[Note: Amabel Holland has elsewhirled the original Teenfactor series, so some or all of this part of the Spoon's history may no longer be in-continuity.]

When Terrence Coffee was a boy, he was sent to a church, where he attempted to make peace with God. The priest, secretly a servant of Shroud, bestowed upon him the Spoon of Destiny, giving him the power to reincarnate the Holy Grail as a plastic spoon. Terrence called himself Useless Powers Lad (because his sense of what a useful power was was very warped) and joined Teenfactor. But when Terrence's future as the third Time Crapper caught up with him, the Spoon was tossed into the timestream.

When Patricia Lyons's powers threatened to destroy her body, Divine revealed that the Spoon of Destiny was needed to cure her, leading to a Monty Python pastiche where Teenfactor quested for the Spoon. This was then retconned out entirely.

After this, the Spoon came into the possession of the LNH.


Years later, several mischievous Lemurs who had been fleeing 000SUPERGUY stole the Spoon from the LNHQ's Plot Device Room and zapped through a portal to Looniverse-20. After a bit of a dust-up, Earth-20's Kiwis confiscated the Spoon and threw it into The Dragon's hoard, adding more and more wrinkles to the Spoon of Destiny Saga...


Holy relic of Christian lore, apparently. Can grant immortality, as well as other, vaguely-defined abilities (healing Indiana Jones's dad? transforming Super Sailor Moon? who knows).

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