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Seyfert is a cosmic net.hero created by Drew Nilium.
Alter Ego: Peregrine "Perry" Carollan
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Reserve member of the LNH (Classic Team), Defender of the Looniverse
Usability: Free For Use


Seyfert is the chosen agent of the cosmic protector Unixepoch. He has been knighted by as the Defender of the Looniverse, and battles threats to universal existence.


Trustworthy, courageous, and helpful, but often feels unworthy of his position.

Powers and Abilities

Uses the Quintom Bands to manipulate quintessence, the dark energy that permeates the universe. This allows him many abilities, including faster-than-light travel, energy projection, enhanced senses, and probably a lot of other cool cosmic stuff.

As part of his office as Defender of the Looniverse, he can request a boon from a number of cosmic beings, but must repay it in time.

Experienced astrophysicist. Personally experienced.


A black man with white hair. He wears a purple bodysuit that leaves his hands and feet bare. Over this, there's a white mantle with a symbol of a gold asterisk over a rotated purple asterisk, and a white cape with inverse black stars on it. He wears a V-shaped golden belt and gold bracers with "W" shapes made of crystal going all the way around.


Has a fraught but powerful Thing with Dev-Null.