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Starfall, a "lightly serious and seriously light" RACC imprint run by Ted Brock, came in two flavors: the original universe from the mid-90s, and the new version begun in 2010 that ran thru 2012. Both old and new Starfall can be read here.

New Starfall

The new Starfall is a world transformed by the mysterious Reality Quake. It's full of gods, superheroes, magic, and myriad other strange things.

  • Silver Arrow: The street-level adventures of Hugh Knight, AKA the argent archer, Silver Arrow! And pals! (Warning: Pals may actually be crazy enemies.) Written by Ted Brock.
  • Spellbinder: She is the Mystic Defender of the Earth Dimension! But whose defender will she be? Written by Elena "Leto" Klazinga.
  • Tales from the Tesla Institute: Most beings brought into the world by the Reality Quake disappeared after. Nikola Tesla did not. Now the father of alternating current is running a research lab in the modern day! Written by Robin Strickland.


  • Going Solo: An anthology series of other stories, in the post-Reality Quake world and beyond! Written by Ted Brock, it's the only title to bridge the gap between Old Starfall and New.

Original Starfall

The original Starfall was a relatively low-power world with vigilantes, conspiracies, and vampires. It included:

  • Blood Ties: The tale of immortal vampire Michael Jocasta and his war with his ex-lover, the vampire queen Keili Nepthys. Written by Ted Brock and Paul DeSanto. Crossed over with Swamp Patrol for its conclusion.
  • City Streets: Exploring the secret conspiracies underlying the Starfall universe, it featured the two brothers Alan and Joseph Smale, caught on opposite sides of a secret war.
  • Metal Fire: Kimberly Roberts steals the Human-I-Form battlesuit her father created to battle the conspiracy that wants them dead, but discovers that nothing is as it seems. Originally written by Ted Brock, followed by ODBastard, John Green (not that one) and Wil Alambre. It grew progressively more complex and ambitious as it went on.
  • Swamp Patrol: A story about a group of teenage vigilantes in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Created by Ted Brock and Paul DeSanto, it was passed to Jamie Rosen, who took the series in a much more surreal direction.
  • Tresspass

LNH Relevance

While LNH and Starfall mostly interacted in the RACCCafe, the original Starfall had a brief, silly crossover with the Classic LNH in Dvandom Force Annual #2, in which Starfall's vampires went on Jerry Springer.