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TJ is a survivor created by Saxon Brenton.
Alter Ego: Timmy-Joe Jim-Bob
Aliases: N/A
Primary Writer: Saxon Brenton
Status: Active on Planet T-Bone, hopefully doing better
Usability: Usable Without Permission


He's a mugger who was possessed by Damian the Wondersock when the latter was searching for Martin Wryce, and who stuck around to help defeat Damian and his demonic allies. His Secret Origin about how he came to spend his latter teenaged years in a concentration camp is in The Daily Super Short-Short Story #54. The important thing to remember about TJ is that he's no longer completely messed in the head.


Powers and Abilities

Mutant with moderately enhanced strength, speed, agility and resilience.



Parents; Greg, Alex (brothers), Tammy (sister), Josie (sister, deceased).