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The Daily Super Short-Short Story is an LNHY series where every issue was super-short. (For the first few issues, it was known as The Daily Super Paragraph, until it was decided that the issues shouldn't be that short.) It had two major arcs, one written by Arthur Spitzer, the other by Saxon Brenton.


In the first arc (issues #1-18), God creates the firmament and the seas and the land! Gotta-Luv-Me Lad is birthed from the soil into the Garden of Party Time! Yes, that's right, it's the Book of Genesis as a spectacularly weird, Spitzerian LNH story. With a crossover tie-in.

The second arc, "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" (issues #19-63), is the story of evil and good, Teenaged Giant Halfbreed Angels and Astrally Traveling Werewolf Crusaders, battling over one man's soul – the soul of MegaMetal BlastLord! (Warning: This story contains body horror, queermisia, and incredibly gross things being eaten.)

Issue #0 is an alternate history of the creation of Looniverse-Y, while #64 is a lead-in to Google.mesh, both written by Martin Phipps.

Where to Read

The Daily Super Short-Short Story can be read in full on the Eyrie Archive here.