The Wrinkly Old Bag

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The Wrinkly Old Bag is a net.hero created by Arthur Spitzer.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Arthur Spitzer
Status: Member of the Before God Guys
Usability: Usable Without Permission


Older than God – literally; she helped raise god along with the rest of the Before God Guys. Has been a hero since not even God knows when.

She participated in a crossover event between the book of Genesis and a story about the Banjo Dueling Kangaroos, pulling the Anti-Banjo out of her bag in order to cure God of Hee Haw Disease and wrinkling the soundwaves of his divine banjo-playing. In the modern day, he and the other BGGs host live pledge drives on public television.



Powers and Abilities

Has a wrinkly old bag that she can use to cause wrinkles in time and space. She also likes to hit people with it. And let me tell you. It really hurts.


A very, very wrinkly old lady.