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The earliest single-author work in the LNH, Cry.Sig tells the story of the Legion as it faces its greatest threat to date: the power of the Crossover Queen! This mini set the stage for everything that was to follow.

It came out in September of 1992 and was written by Jeff Barnes.


   "History: You don't wanna know. Trust me.
   Oh, all right. Anyway, someone put out a call for the LNH to come back together and end what would later be called the Cosmic Plot Device Caper. A few newbies like Dave Van Domelen, wReam, and myself jumped into the fray. At some point, though, Scav decided to split the earths into alternate timelines, thereby invalidating everything I'd written -- and giving me my own Looniverse to play with. A bit miffed, I decided to do the only thing I could: write my own mini in my own continuity. Thus came Cry.Sig.
   However, Scav liked it so much, he put it back into continuity -- but placed it several months later than it actually occurred. My Cry.Sig happened immediately as a result of the CPDC; however, once placed in the "mainstream" continuity -- and I'm using that word reeeeeally loosely here -- it took place several months after the CPDC, the Summer Gap, etc. Confused yet?
   Anyway, that's why the TEB really doesn't have a beginning, and why it's not the best jumping on place for newbies. Cry.Sig was important for its time, but (in comparison to many current stories) shows itself to be a bit dated."
  —Jeff Barnes

In All Things Dark and Scary, it was revealed that the original Occultism Kid had died in the Cry.Sig, but a malfunction in the TANDI restored him to life. The Occultism Kid: Year One series would have explored these events, but only a prologue was written.




Where to Read

The entire thing is available in one piece on the Eyrie Archive over here.

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