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The Electrocutioner is a anthropomorphic personification created by Todd Kogutt.
Alter Ego: Entertainment
Aliases: Plot Retainer
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of The Finishless
Usability: Free For Use


During the Electrocutioner's Song, Ultimate Ninja and Marvel Zombie Lad were in a shared coma, and a being called the Electrocutioner appeared, forcing UN to dance and sing showtunes for him. When Z of the Z-Team and the X-Over Men joined the coma, he took the guise of the Plot Retainer, making them play a game of Jeopardy for their freedom. However...

Years later, in Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths!, he returned.


Easily bored; sets up overcomplicated situations just to be entertained. Basically seems like a decent person as long as he's not creating pointless drama, however, creating drama is his reason for existence.

Powers and Abilities

Personification of the universal forces of Drama and Comedy. Has shown the ability to manipulate the minds of people in comas for fun.

The X-Over Men serve him.


Looks quite a bit like Brian Blessed.