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Enthusiasm is a anthropomorphic personification created by Drew Nilium (character), Saxon Brenton (name).
Alter Ego: N/A
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of The Finishless
Usability: Free For Use


While the Finishless have existed since time immemorial, the first time Enthusiasm showed up in a story was in the Letters Page Dimension, when they pulled Kid Review out of an apathy storm, and sent them on their way, to find the Seventh...

During the sabertooth pandemic, Kid Enthusiastic summoned Enthusiasm to the material plane, where they ended up counterbalancing Simplicity... er, until they didn't because they thought that would be more interesting.


Ends every sentence with at least one exclamation point. Supportive and curious, to the point where they'll support the bad guy just to see what happens. Easily distracted.

Uses they/them pronouns.

Powers and Abilities

They are the personification of a universal force. They exist and can act on multiple planes of reality. They inspire enthusiasm in those around them, sometimes to the point of mania.


A form of childlike androgyny, edges blurred from barely-contained energy, with bright eyes and a bright smile.


Among the Finishless, they are considered to be the twin sibling of Ennui, and the two are often seen together.