Flatulence Lad

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Flatulence Lad is a sidekick created by Gary St. Lawrence.
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Gary St. Lawrence
Status: Haunting the LNH
Usability: Not Reserved


Flatulence Lad was the short-lived sidekick of Sarcastic Lad.

Accounts vary as to how he died – in The Death of Flatulence Lad, he is killed by Prymm and Prapah, assassins working for Pat Buchanan, while in a post by Dave Van Domelen (which was referenced in Electrocutioner's Song), he is killed in an accident involving Invisible Incendiary and a match. Either way, Acton Lord claimed credit for his death. In yet another version of history, he died destroying a Cascader ship which had traveled in time, and was responsible for the destruction of the dinosaurs[1].

But the ghost of Flatulence Lad still haunts Net.ropolis, waiting until the day his death is avenged (or until The Saint writes another LNH story). He helped the Legion defeat Groundswell when she was brainwashed and transformed by Barkseid. Nonetheless, Sarcastic Lad was not happy when he haunted the Starship Flatulence, which was named after him.


Pretty easygoing for a murdered ghost.

Powers and Abilities



Not much of one right now; as a ghost, is generally perceived as a friendly, indistinct, vaguely human presence.