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Green is a net.hero created by Lalo Martins.
Alter Ego: Green Delaware
Aliases: Tree-Hugging Kid
Primary Writer: Lalo Martins
Status: Member of the Goliardians, former member of the New Misfits, former member of Acra Flight
Usability: Free For Use


Green was born to be the Earth Spirit of the Legion of Occult Heroes' Earth, which had been metaphysically devastated when its Writers were cut off. At birth, they decided to exist as a humanoid and walk among humanity.

A native of the LNH2 timeline, they joined Acra Flight and came with them to Looniverse-A as one of the New Misfits, having adventures during the Infinite Leadership Crisis and concealing their alternate-future origins.

After 58.5 ended, they decided to explore the universe and try to find new ways to protect life. To this end, they joined up with the Goliardians, space pirates who battle the forces of the Crossover Queen.

Green was born three years before entering Looniverse-A, but is physically and mentally in their mid-twenties.


At the core of Green's personality is their original nature as the Earth Spirit. Green is very passionate, and has a very strong sense of responsibility. On the other hand, they don't tend to be especially protective of individuals, as they understand that each things in nature has its time and its end, and death, the food chain, and transformation are essential facts of nature. It's important to remember, most of all, that Green is not human; they are the life force of a planet, who decided to spend their infancy as a humanoid for reasons yet unclear.

Green tries not to stick out too much in speech or manner, adapting their speaking style to the average of the culture and group they're in. They are of fluid gender, generally conforming to how the person they're talking to sees them, and are comfortable with any pronouns.

Powers and Abilities

Green can talk to plants and animals, and as the spirit of a parallel Earth, can communicate with other planetary spirits. The Earth Spirit and most creatures of nature recognize them as a "relative", and tend to do what they ask if it seems reasonable.

Using the Goliard Brace and the collection of The Last LNH Action Figures in the Galaxy, they can channel the substance- and element-controlling powers and abilities of various members of the LNH.


An androgynous, attractive twentysomething human of ambiguous ethnicity, with bright green eyes, short dark green hair, and skin the color of wet beaches or dry soil. Usually wears a green trenchcoat, with brown slacks, brown leather sandals, and a loose white t-shirt, with a big oak leaf hand-painted over the chest. Wears the Goliard Brace, a gold plastic armband with an emerald mounted on it, on their left wrist.

Tends to be seen as whatever gender, if any, the viewer associates with "Earth".


In the alt.ernate future they come from, her father was Green Trenchcoat, and his mother, the Earth Spirit's former host, Vicky Delaware. In the present time, neither have met Green (and they are probably still the same person). Her/his godfather was Cannon Fodder, the only "survivor" of the death of his/her native planet; in that time, Fodder was called Savior instead, but he would later change his name to Alive Lad.