K. Michael Wilcox

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K. Michael Wilcox was the author of a number of early LNH series, notably Aeneas and Ferris and its spinoff The Aeneas Boddy Chronicles. He did a lot to push the LNH beyond its initial superhero influences, drawing on British comedy for Aeneas and Ferris and televised science fiction for spaceQuest: Raven. His other works include Vulture Team Clooless, LNH Europe, and some of the more comprehensible bits of the Omaha Project. He also created Mister Paprika, the longest-running gag in LNH history. (Now that's a man's pop!)

Later on, he wrote a considerable amount of Doctor Who fanfic and helped spread the use of drabbles in fanfic, thus being indirectly responsible for Drabble Girl.

The Internet Archive has helpfully preserved his old webpage.